Our Dedicated Kite Zone

Graykite is happy and proud to have been granted the rights to run the snow kite zone in the ski resort at Sierra Nevada, Spain. This means we can provide you with an unmatched opportunity to learn how to snowkite while enjoying all the safety and leisure facilities of a world class ski resort.

The snow kite zone is conveniently located at the top of a lift and easily accessible to all skiers and snowboarders. The area is zoned for snow kite lessons only, meaning you can learn the in safety and peace without fear of your mistakes (and they will happen!) embarrassing you or endangering others. It really is the best of all possible worlds.

The snow kite zone is located at in the Sierra Nevada resort in the Loma De Dilar area. With lift access from the ski resort/village you will enjoy a vast flat and slightly sloped inward area for Snow Kiting. Sierra Nevada is Europe’s most southerly ski resort and boasts consistent snow from November to April alongside southern Spanish sun and near constant wond. That makes it the ideal spot to learn how to snowkite.

It’s also only 90 minutes to the sea if you want to break at lunchtime and kitesurf before a sundowner on the beach…